Ask five editors to name the steps in the editorial process and you’ll likely get five different lists, and of varying lengths. (We’re sorry.) The breakdown of services below is meant to give you a rough idea of what I focus on in each of the stages of editing I offer, understanding that there will be a bit of overlap between stages.

Manuscript review/critique: For fiction and non-fiction manuscripts alike, I provide the publisher or author with a constructive overall assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in the work, and a sense of what might be involved in readying it for publication.

Substantive/developmental edit: More hands-on than the manuscript review, at this stage I provide detailed suggestions on the page (whether a hard copy or using Track Changes in Word) and in separate notes, addressing issues like narrative voice, tone, character development, point of view, dialogue, plot, pace, continuity and clarity (to name a few).

Copyedit: Also sometimes called a line edit, at this stage I work closely, sentence by sentence, focusing on word choice and repetition, clarity, consistency of style and facts, as well as grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Proofread: The final read of an edited work, usually following design and prior to printing or web-publishing. My attention at this stage is focused solely on correcting any remaining errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, typography and page layout.

I welcome queries from authors and publishers. Send me an email and we can figure out what level(s) of editing you’re looking for, and whether my skills might be a good match for your project.